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About a year ago, after crunching quietly away for years, I started digging deeper into boinc. What did I find?  Well, after 15 years it’s much bigger now, wide and sprawling, and for a newbie it’s hard to understand and tricky to navigate. So, as I explored around I’ve been collecting addresses and graphics of the place’s I’ve been. This site is the result, so far.

This is a directory site for BOINC, a launching pad for the first-time visitor. We help the newbie into BOINC, help teams recruit new members, list websites that aren’t on the basic list, generally give boinc a big boost.

The Fates have graced me an awesome set of domains..

– boinc.info
– boinc.directory, athome.directory, setiathome.directory
– boinc.link

The idea is to introduce people to boinc and get them stared – When you tell a friend of the deep coolness that is Boinc you can give give them a “url for more info” – ‘boinc.info‘ or ‘athome.directory

Boinc.info gives a quick introduction with links to the client, and a project list to get started, and then look around and learn more about what we do.  Future plans include some serious team promotion! (boy, do we need it.. planning in the forum) and a full-blown, moderated community (someday..).

I have some ideas and I’d like to hear your feedback.  Even after a year wandering through the Caverns of Boinc there’s much more to see, and I’m looking for a few fellow travelers to join me in my quest.

As for me, my name is Ed and I live in Bellingham, Washington. I’m a semi-retired RF technician, AE7LH, living in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!

Ed Moran, ‘bowtieguru’


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